Summer Season 2018 Overview

Autumn is here with all the mists and all the mellow fruitfulness, the Autumn series have begun to stream and yet while we were compiling this overview, we were still waiting for the last of the Summer Season episodes. This was partly due to the extreme weather that has afflicted Japan and partly because – as we noted when this season began – one season has begun to bleed into the next.

Summer 2018 has proved something of a mixed bag. There have been Marmite series (Banana Fish) unexpected discoveries (Asobi Asobase ) and then, all those returning shows like Free! and Attack on Titan – have they lived up to the high expectations?

The AUKN writers are here to share their thoughts as they look back over the past few weeks. Please share your thoughts too!


When we put together the Summer Preview article I admit I struggled to find titles to talk about. I hadn’t started many shows and although my watching list did grow considerably, at the end of the season, as I look back, I’m not sure much of it was any good at all. That said, there are exceptions to my feelings of disinterest and so I’m going to talk about the two shows that I enjoyed all the way through.

First up we have Cells at Work! which gave us a fascinating look at how our body works and the illnesses that threaten to do harm! What I liked about this show is that beyond the closing episodes, every story was self-contained. Offering both an in-depth and informative look at the human body, while also offering a monster of the week type story, Cells at Work! has something for everyone and I think that’s why I ended up liking it so much.

It’s by no means the best anime ever, but it delivers something a little bit different that you could settle down and watch week to week. I’m not sure how well it would hold up watching episodes back-to-back, given that a lot of the stories boil down to the body being attacked and a particular type of cell going to save the day, but regardless it’s probably the show most worth checking out from this season if you let it pass you by.

For my second pick I’m going to refer back to a series I mentioned in the preview guide: Seven Senses of the Re’Union. Back then I described the show as a cross between Sword Art Online and Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day for being set in an online RPG while also portraying a character returning to life mysteriously after her death several years previously. While I’d enjoyed the first couple of episodes, I also had some concerns that the story wouldn’t wrap up comfortably, given the anime was adapting an on-going light novel series.

Thankfully my fears were unfounded and although the final episode doesn’t finish off the whole story by any means, it does a good job of wrapping up enough of the subplots so it wasn’t unsatisfying to watch. My other complaint was that the music often didn’t fit with the context of a given scene and sadly that issue persisted throughout the show’s run. However, the characters remained likeable and the animation (handled by Studio Lerche) continued to offer an enjoyable show from week to week. I think if you were on the fence about this anime or burnt out on shows in the genre, this one is actually well worth checking out.


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